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Essilor International, as the world leader in ophtalmic optical products, creates lenses for all types of visual disorders. It is involved in each stage of the process, from design to manufacturing. Being present in more than 100 countries, Essilor is a worldwide and unique company without any economic, cultural or social boundaries. 

The way it functions rests on the spirit of responsibility and personal initiative.
Trust, respect, integrity, solidarity and ethics belong to the fundamental values of the Essilor group. In this spirit, the group is always keen on developing dialogue and the involvement of its employees in the dynamics of the company as well as giving them the opportunity to  take part in major decisions.

Today, one employee in 4 is an Essilor shareholder among the 60 000 employees throughout the world.
Employee shareholders as well as retired shareholders have joined forces within Valoptec Association, an international community bringing together members from 36 countries. Valoptec Association cements  Essilor’s culture. 

The association is run by an international board of directors that is made up of 16 members who represent all associates throughout the world. It is much involved in strategic decision-making processes and exercices its voting rights on resolutions proposed by the General Management. It also elects the administrators. 3 seats on the Essilor Board are dedicated to the Association.

The association’s members come together once a year at a General Meeting where the General Management presents the strategy as well as the social and human policy of the company; 2 resolutions the members are asked to approve or not through a vote.   

The participation of employees in the group’ s capital enables to reinforce the financial independence of Essilor and is aimed at the perennity of the
group and its culture.

Combining both economic development of Essilor International and fulfilment of the human community it is made up of is the constant challenge Valoptec members daily take up, while respecting the diversity of their cultures.